"Die Kunst ist eine Offenbarung der Seele die wie das Leben alles in Frage stellt"

Michelle Ditrich


Michelle was born May 28 in Feldbach/Styria, lives and works in her Rooftop Studio in Downtown Vienna. Completed private art studies with Prof. Max Weiler - Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna.

To increase her spiritual inspiration, she traveled to Florida, the Caribbean, San Francisco, New York, Las Vegas Hawaii and Mauritius for study purposes.

The internationally recognized artist is guided in her artistic work by an inner force and is characterized by creative versatility as well as inexhaustible willingness to experiment. By using her hands and fingers, she gives her unmistakable Works of Art her own individual style at the highest level.

Paintings in oil on canvas or paper, watercolors, sand on paper, egg tempera, 2- colored original etchings, wax paintings on pressboard, Rakku sculptures – postage stamps and artistically painted fashion, interior design.

Her largest work to date "The Lament / Western Wall in Vienna" - art connects! With a length of 40m and 2.5m high. In her works she deals with the cosmos, nature, architecture, and people - always trying to question the spirit of the times. Her artworks enjoy worldwide popularity among collectors and art connoisseurs. They hang in private collections as well as in museums.


Dr. Alexander Vogel

Michelle Ditrich is not only an impressive woman, but also an extraordinary artist who has found and developed her very special style of expression over the years. 

Her actually very original art form of painting with bare hands and sometimes full use of the body has grown into an impressive and recognizable picture experience thanks to its refinement and ease of experimentation. She has perfected her painting technique to such an extent that the work of her hands can sometimes be more delicate and also more concise than any use of a brush and has a corresponding effect.

Their success with the interested public and meanwhile also with continuously growing groups of collectors and buyers is consistent. In addition, with almost 20 international awards as an artist from competitors and even museum exhibitions, she has the appropriate recognition from the professional world. 

Her creative breadth in painting ranges from landscape pictures that are carefully revealed to the eye with golden plays of light, powerful images of people and expressionistic heads, to almost any object art in textiles, furniture and sculptures.

Whenever you think you have captured her complete works, Michelle Ditrich surprises you again with a completely new aspect of her creativity and enchants with the creative power of her hands alone ... "

Dr. Alexander Vogel

Prof. Dr. Fabian Kulterer

Is your painting a flower blossom art that makes circles and waves? Are these cycles of hand color prints? Are these palm stamps? Are these archaic arts?

Michelle Ditrich does not paint with techniques such as paint bombs, projectiles or spray and other machine paint guns, but she paints with her own hands quite willingly. A competition, a competition, similar to a piano concert with several hands, but in one person. It is an art of touch, a so-called touch art, a palm printing art. She uses her hands as stamps and printing plates, and she knows wonderfully how to use these extremely sensitive hands, with her very own sense of color, to swing entire gardens, even circles of flowers. It is a camouflage net work of art, a food for palm readers and graphologists.

Once softly, once gently, once rhythmically, she manages to achieve the most varied of shades and overlays. Their pronounced color instinct creates beautiful patterns that can also be compared with the camouflage function of many animals and plants. Many pictures look as if there was previously smooth paint and then a thunderstorm or hail had broken out on them. Different vibrations and movements can be seen, like boiling water in different colors. All of this also reminds us of the alchemists' witch kitchens. This lightness, fluidity and transparency, this weightless feeling that you get when looking at her pictures, gives you a lot of strength.

These images are to be valued so highly because today we have thousands of instruments and robots available that can be used for technical production. Today we are flooded with technical video and perceptual art. She, on the other hand, just does everything with her hands, even with her feet. I think she has the sixth sense.

Michelle Ditrich is an ambassador for peace and love. Your pictures are precious, original and original, and have enormous charisma. Your art is human and immediate.

Long live the archaic art, the original art, the source art, the art of palm printing, and above all the rhythm and the sensitive sensitivity, this concert between the mountains of Venus and the moon, which she gives us with the heels of her hands, a kind of sign language, which must be valued.

Prof. Dr. Fabian Kulterer, cultural researcher


Intern.Preis „Pegasus“, Mai 2023, Venedig, Italien

Intern. Preis Paris, Oktober 2022, Paris, Frankreich

Intern. Preis „Poseidone“ und Verleihung Magister of Art, Juli 2022, Lecce, Italien

Intern. Award, "Ambassador of Art", April, Milano, Italy

Gold Decoration of Merit of the Republic of Austria,Award Ceremony
in the Vienna City Hall on October 7, 2020

Intern. Award, "The Stars of Contemporary Art" WHITE SPACE Gallery CHELSEA,
New York, October 2020, USA

Intern. Award „Artist of the Year“, Sciortino Museum in Monreale, July 2020, Italien

Intern. Award „Caravaggio“, 07.December 2018, Rom, Italien

Intern. Award „Julius Cäsare“ 07.July 2018, Rom, Italien

Intern. Award „Raffaelo“, 04.May 2018, Bologna, Italien

Intern. Award „DOGI“, 18.March 2018, Venedig, Italien

Intern. Award „The Best Modern and Contemporary Artist“, 24.October 2017, Berlin, Germany

Intern. Award „Dante Alighieri“, 01.April 2017, Peschiera Garda, Italy

Intern. Award „Cristoforo Colombo“, 18.February 2017, Genua, Italien

Intern. Award „Gallileo Galilei“, 22.January 2017, Pisa, Italien

Intern. Award „The Best Modern and Contemporary Art Awarding“, 19.November 2016, Wien, Österreich

Intern. Award „Venice in Art“, 17.September 2016, Venedig, Italien

Intern. Award „Shakespeare in Art", 12.June 2016, Verona, Italien

Intern. Preis „Colosseo“, 20.May 2016, Rom, Italien

Intern. Award „Art and Science“ Award, Museum Art and Science, 04. May 2016, Milano, Italien

Intern. Award „Canaletto“ 25.April 2016, Mira-Venedig, Italien

Intern. Award „Tiepolo“, 21. April 2016, Milano, Italien

Intern. Award „Leonardo da Vinci“, 21.January 2016, Florence, Italien

Intern. Award Vatican-Rome, Awarding Artwork, 30.May 2015, Rom, Italien


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Sunshine Gallery, Ana Capri, Italy - 2016
ROA - Gallery, Royal Opera Arcade, London GB - 2015
Contemporary Art Vatican Rome, Italy - 2015
Curhaus of the Domfarre St. Stefan, Vienna 1 - 2014
Schneider - Siemssen Galerie, Vienna 1 - 2013
VTG, Vienna Travel Galerie, Vienna - 2013
VIP GAG, General Aviation, Lear Jet Airport, Vienna - 2012
Galerie GOLD, “Aviskar”, Calcutta, India - 2012
AWB Gallery in the Hofburg, Vienna 1 - 2011
"Word of Art", Urania, Berlin, Germany - 2010
Brotway, Mann Galerie, Vienna - 2009
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Galleries Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Germany 1985 - 2000
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Museum of the America, Miami, Florida, USA - 2011
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Museum of the Americas, Miami, Florida - 2004

Art forum

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Maecenas Museum Collection, 2008
Albertina, Vienna 2008
Museum of the Americas, Morals, Florida USA


ORF Licht ins Dunkel – 2023
ZUK - Future for Children, Palais Auersperg, Vienna - 2014
Lions Club, Art Auction v. Dorotheum for children with cancer in Seekirchen, Maxim Wien - 2013
Lions Club, Art Benefit Auction Maria Theresia, from Dorotheum im Maxim, Vienna - 2012
Art auction for Mobiles Hospitz Caritas of the Archdiocese of Vienna, "Artworks for Life" v. Dorotheum - 2009
Gala night of art, for “Look out” - 2009
Auction for "Team for Animal Production", in the K47 - Keyclub, Vienna - 2008
Auction for "Art for People in Need", in the Nitsch Museum, Mistelbach - 2008
Auction of Dorotheas in the Parkhotel, Schönbrunn, Vienna for “Child Care” - 2006
“Paintability” painting people with disabilities, Vienna - 2006
Auction at Dorotheum, Mobile Hospice Caritas of the Archdiocese of Vienna, “Artworks for Life” - 2005
Art donation for “Licht ins Dunkel”, Advent calendar on Vienna City Hall, patronage of the Austrian National Bank. ORF broadcast on December 12th. - 2004


Special stamp „Michelle“ edition 200 – 18.9. 2007 Exhibition at Partner Bank AG, Vienna


7 Deadly Sins and their Demons, "Literatur Ground Xiro", Vienna - 2011


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Michelle Ditrich

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